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   Jennifer Housman grew up in a small town in New Jersey outside the creative hub of New York City.  As a kid she would make many trips to the city with her mother for that perfect dress, pair of shoes or one of a kind accessory to surely set her apart from the rest.  She soaked up all the styles and designs and stored them away for inspiration later on. 


  From an early age Housman was active in art programs which let her creativity flourish sewing her own clothes, making handbags and beaded bracelets that she would sell on the black top.


  Receiving her BFA from Syracuse University in Surface Pattern and Textile Design, her love for culture, travel, art history, and fashion have inspired her many creative endeavors in home furnishings, interior and fashion design and her career as a museum registrar.


   In 2012 Housman chose to follow her dreams and work on her first jewelry collection using semi-precious stones, hand wire-wrapping and hammering techniques and putting her pattern skills to work with unique designs out of cut metal. 


  Her first collection the Topography Collection, was inspired by her many cross-country trips from California to New York.  Observing the terrain from 30,000 ft. above gave great perspective to the amazing landscape below.  Rivers, valleys, mountains and cities inform this collection combining colors, textures and organic shapes to produce one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to set one apart from the rest.  All collections since then continue Housman's fascination with landscape, pattern and color. 


   Housman lives in San Diego, CA with her husband, two cats, a dog and a fish surrounded by ocean, desert and mountains that continually offer inspiration for new work. 

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