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One of the many things that make me proud of my collections is that every piece is handmade onshore, in our California studio by me, using traditional, time-honored techniques.


I am proud to produce my collections domestically using classic metal smithing techniques that help to eliminate the heavy chemical waste and pollution of modern high-volume processes and offsets the carbon imprint associated with importing and exporting.  Crafting each piece by hand imbues my designs with character and spirit that is unique to each piece and cannot be replicated in the mass market.


It is also important that I support our community through charitable organizations. Building connections, giving back and supporting others has always been a part of my life through past careers in teaching and the non-profit world.  One of my passion projects is with the (WE) Women Empowered initiative with Project Concern International.  Other organizations that I have donated to in the past have been Lung Force + Heifer International, Big Brothers + Sister of San Diego, + to the relief efforts in Houston in 2017.  I am proud to have recently joined the ethical online boutique, Bead & Reel who's mission is to give back every month to a handpicked charity.  


Be the change

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