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Why Earth Day is Every Day Here at HG

     For me designing is all about looking out the window, getting outside, surrounding myself with the landscape.  I’m pretty sure that’s the reason I moved to San Diego almost 13 years ago.  I feel the best when I’m walking on the beach, hiking a trail, feeling the wind on my face and my eyes flooded with nature’s beauty practically 365 days a year. 


     For Housgoods, this is everything.  All the time. Our tagline is “jewelry inspired by landscape”.  All of the pieces I’ve created have come from lines, shapes, textures, patterns I see all around me.  The Topography Collection was my very first collection created from pictures and sketches I took when I flew my first day time flight from San Diego back to my home state NJ.  Usually one to take the red eye due to a full-time job and minimal vacation days, I slept through the night, completely shutting out what was out my window.   But that first flight was the real beginning for Housgoods.  Now 5 years later, and many flights back east to see family and other trips along the way, I now fight with my 5 year-old for the window seat!  











                                      Livermore, CA - 2/17/16                                        Rill Ring - Handcarved Bands inspired by                                                                                                                                                      the deep grooves created by erosion.

     My fascination with nature started as a young child.  I loved climbing trees, picking flowers, playing in the woods behind my house.  I was lucky enough to travel a lot as a young kid thanks to my mom’s love for it.  From Caribbean crystal blue seas, lush green tropical mountains, night skies sprinkled with stars, to the country sides of Italy and Germany with poppy covered rolling hills, snow-capped mountains and thousand-year-old cities which nature has softened and patinaed.   My mind’s eye can still imagine these landscapes 30 years later.  


     Now when I travel with my own family, which is exploring more of the United States and all its wonders, I’m the one in the car googling every landmark to learn about what we are looking at. On our last road trip for Spring Break to Tucson, I learned about the formation of the Sonoran Desert.   The power of the Earth and how it was formed fascinates me.  Questioning what was here before, who lived here, is so magical to me and I will never stop looking out the window no matter how fast we are going. Even when the surroundings become blurred, shapes become softer and colors fade into one another, there is beauty to be seen.  You just gotta look.  


     So, it was natural that any art I created stemmed from the beauty that is mother nature. From hand forming wire into meandering river-like lines, carving grooves in metal mimicking patterns in erosion, to impressing clay with the undulating surfaces of shells found from far off beaches, everything I see becomes inspiration for my work.  I try hard to purchase the materials I use from sustainable suppliers and do my best to know the origins of them. 

     By using recycled metals both from suppliers and keeping all my scraps, I make an effort to reduce my waste as a designer of material goods.   Ethically sourced stones are making their way into my collections and will be spending more time this year learning about the world of gems, mother nature’s jewels.  It is not my intention to just add MORE to the world with Housgoods, but that with each piece purchased you connect with it and the inspiration behind it.  The vision that designed it and the hands that made it.  To share in the love of special pieces so that it adds value to your world.  That it becomes a conversation piece and you can tell its story.  It’s about consciously choosing to add HG to your coveted jewelry collection and creating heirloom pieces to be passed down to your loved ones.  So that every time you wear your HG, you get to see what I see, an earth with endless beauty with all her optimism, strength, and mysteriousness.  


















     So, celebrating Earth Day is an everyday occurrence for me.  Appreciating all it provides for me in both my everyday life and as inspiration for my art.  As one person living amongst many, I try to do my part locally to make sure our earth is cared for by volunteering for beach and park clean ups, I pick up trash anywhere I am and have taught my son to do so as well.  I carry reusable totes with me everywhere I go, my favorite being from Baggu.  We have reusable water containers - to reduce our plastic use (I love Manna's tumblers for their cool patterns) and I've got a collection of silicon straws in rotation.  I’m a recycling nut and try to re-use every day household products/items until they’ve truly broken down at which point I figure out how best to dispose.  I’m working on consuming less and embracing a more minimalist lifestyle so as not to add more waste to the world.  It's not easy, but as everyone will say, a little goes a long way.  


     As a small business owner and believer in doing good for others, I also choose organizations throughout the year to give back portions of our profits to do my part in preserving our beautiful world. To keep it wild.  To keep it majestic.  For the future of my son and for everyone.  


Here is a list of organizations HG has donated to in the past:

Surfrider Foundation

National Park Foundation


World Wildlife Fund for Nature

Project Concern International


     Who would you like to see us donate to?  If you have other organizations that you love supporting, please let me know.  Without your support I wouldn’t be able to give back what I can!  

Send me a note,,  I’d love to add these to our list for future give back partners.  


     And if you have any beautiful places I HAVE to see, let me me know too!  I’m always looking to travel and get outside, with a sketchbook and camera in hand of course.  


Happy Earth Day. Today and Every Day.


With love, 




                        Holtville, CA 2/15/19                                  NEW Hammered Collection with Fresh Water Pearls

                                                                                                             (Coming to the site soon!)



Holiday 2018 Markets copy.jpg
SD Voyager copy.jpg

October 2018

That time I was featured on SD Voyager's site!  Nominated by other female influencers, this was such a great privilege to be recognized amongst so many other talented women in San Diego.  

Click the link below to read the full interview which helps tell the story behind my work and a little bit more about who I am!

SD Voyager Interview

Meet Trailblazer Jenn Housman

San Diego Made

Spring Market

Saturday, April 28th


Come shop local and support your handmade community at this unique highly curated market with the best makers in San Diego!

I'll be there with some fun new pieces for Spring and some giveaways too!



Sunday, May 7, 2017

12:00pm - 5:00pm

Join me for my second trunk show with Dutch, a beautifully curated shop in South Park.  I'll have pieces from my new collection, Corona and of course my signature pieces which are customer favorites.

Pssst...This is a perfect time to shop for Mother's Day!  Stop in and spoil yourself or the Mom in your life. 



Friday, May 19th

Pom-poms, rosé, good company: join us for a fun Friday night workshop with ME!  Learn how to make pom-poms and tassels in all the pretty spring colors and take home a handmade keychain. 

Your $35.00 ticket includes: wine, keychain hardware, and all the materials you need to make your pom-poms and tassels.


Housgoods handmade charms can be purchased at workshop for a small additional fee. 

Special Offer! Come to the Housgoods trunk show May 7th, purchase a piece of jewelry and a ticket to the workshop, and we'll give you a second ticket for free. Because pom-poms are more fun with friends. 

Reserve your spot for this fun night, space is limited!





Sunday, May 21, 2017

11am - 5pm

Come shop at the 3rd annual Spring Market!   This one is sure to be the best one yet - in a new setting at the Historic Liberty Station Corky Mcmillin Event Center.

2875 Dewey Road

San Diego, California 92106

Get your tickets here!


A Better Balance.

 Work and free time are very important to me to feed my passion for design to make me the happy woman, mom, wife I want to be in my precious free time.  One of the quotes I aspire to live by (and let me tell you it's hard!)  is this, "Discipline is the cornerstone of freedom, not the opposite" ~ Marie Agnès Gillot, prima ballerina of Paris Opera Ballet.  I struggle on a daily basis to be disciplined and organized and follow my "to-do" lists to keep on track.  I fall into that stereo-typed messy, disorganized, all over the place Artist - mostly in my brain - my husband would tell you otherwise that my HOUSGOODS has taken over the house!  When I get organized and make lists, guess what?!  It works!  When I don't, time is lost, I'm scatter brained, less focused, thus less productive.  So I thought I'd start again in 2017 and practice discipline + patience both in my work life and home life.   Keeping my Passion Planner filled in and by my side - keeps me in line and focused.  Which in turn, helps me feel accomplished, balanced and less anxious with all the "to-do's" we live with.  So here are a few other great tips I read and thought I'd share on my favorite site for printed materials where I get my good-looking marketing material:

Here's a to a better balance in 2017!  



HOUSGOODS + A Dutch Life

Match made in Heaven





HOUSGOODS work was selected by a local San Diego shop,  DUTCH, to be included in their Summer Shop!  

With a discerning eye, Katie handpicks the best designs that align with her love of, none other than, the Dutch lifestyle.  Simple, clean, minimal, but mark making, we love that we could work with her to create this limited edition earring exclusive for her Summer Shop.  The Chord Drop is a new design that is part of a collection we had been dreaming up to work with both Silver + Gold and couldn't be happier with the result.  


Find these earrings exclusively online at,, or in their storefront at 

 1925 30TH STREET, SAN DIEGO, 92102

It Was Real LA!

HOUSGOODS hit the LA craft market scene Saturday August 9th and Sunday August 10th for two full days of UNIQUE LA Summer Market.

HOUSGOODS made its big debut to the LA market scene at UNIQUE LA Summer Market, an exciting two-day shopping event that showcased fresh, hand-selected design talent. With no 'middle man,' attendees were able to shop directly from the designers themselves, which means prices were less than retail and buyers directly supported local small businesses and craftsmen. It was a win-win for everyone!


UNIQUE LA attendees were the first to try on the newly launched, and hugely popular HOUSGOODS Ogallala Studs. Additional new product offerings can be found in the Arcos collection and HOUSwares portions of the website. 


HOUSGOODS will be returning to UNIQUE LA in the fall for the holiday markets, as well as regularly updating the upcoming calendar with more in-person events in the greater San Diego and Los Angeles areas. Keep your eyes peeled for updates both here at and via our e-newsletters and Facebook posts. 

HOUSGOODS and Project Concern International

Empowering Local Women Through Entrepreneurship






HOUSGOODS is proud to feature founder Jennifer Housman's volunteer work with VavaVida and Project Concern International's (WE) Initiative. Meeting weekly with low income women in San Diego, Housgoods is giving back to the community by teaching jewelry fabrication and design classes to low income groups to help lead them to financial independence and stability. With fabulous partners VavaVida and Project Concern International, we're all so proud to be able to give back.


Check out front page San Diego Union Tribune press article linked here!


Antoine Didienne, June 2015


This past Saturday, June 20th, was World Refugee Day.  Here is a great article written by Antoine Didienne, co-founder of VavaVida, a fair-trade accessories company located here in San Diego but serving the world.  Antoine and I have partnered together on a passion project with Project Concern International's Women Empowered Program for the last 6 months to work with local women who are living on the fringe of society just trying to make a decent living. Fact is, these immigrants and refugees are here and we are trying to help them provide a better future for their families.   Click the link below to read the article published on Triple Pundit's site.




To find out more info about PCI's Women Empowered Program, click here: Women Empowered (WE) Initiative



Empowering Refugee and Immigrant Women for a Brighter Future

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